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Sat, 21 Apr 2018, 01:18am
Up Late Aren't We?

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1 - Is this site free for individuals/businesses to use?
Yes, this site is free for individuals,however, there is a small fee to use all the features on the dating /friendship section of site. This site is not free for Businesses, however, we charge very low, reasonable and competitive rates.
2 Why is the site in English only?
Latin has the slogan - Bringing People and Cultures together- so we need a common language for everyone to communicate in,to allow cultures to intergrate. Eventually we will include some other languages.
3 Who can use this site?
Anyone over the age of 16 is allowed to register on this site no matter which country in the world you are from. Dating/Friendship section you have to be over 18 to use.
4 What Type of Adverts do you allow?
We allow any adverts that are legal and not of a political, racist, adult or sexual nature.
5 Can I post an Advert in my Language?
Adverts are allowed in any language as long as you also write the same advert in English as well. Adverts sent to us in only a non English language will not be allowed.
6 I Can't log on to Dating/Friendship section?
The registration process for main site is different to that of dating/friendship section, so to use it, you have to register separately
7 I Can't see my advert?
Adverts have to be checked by the Admin Team before they are allowed on site, this takes time. however, we aim to get all basic adverts on within 12 hours as long as it meets our advertising policy
8 Why can't i see my countries flag?
We tried to get as many countries flags on the site as possible within our design, however, if you do not see your countries flag it does not mean you can't use the site, it is open to all people
9 Can i use my log in on your other sites
If you are registered on you can use your log in on and vice versa
10 Do i Qualify for a Shopping Discount on
Yes, all members automatically qualify for a 10% discount on purchases over 100(excluding VAT and shipping) from the Online Shop as long as they have been registered with us for at least 2 months
eg. total value of order, 100 plus vat 17.5% = 117.50, shipping say 5 total = 122.50. You qualify for discount on the 100 only..not on 122.50 so get a 10 rebate
If you have a business advert YOU MAY qualify for 15% discount on certain purchases over 100(excluding Shipping costs and VAT), check with us for details.
How do i claim my discount?
All you have to do is proceed as normal with your order online, once your order has been fully processed and delivered, email with your proof of purchase and membership ID, we will arrange for a rebate to be paid into a bank account of your choice if you qualify and our partners confirm the purchase to us.
These discounts are subject to certain conditions and we reserve the right to refuse a rebate.
Please note we can only refund your rebate/discount if you have a UK Bank Account.

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