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  »  World Bank Tribunal Weighs Final Arguments in El Salvador Mining Dispute
     A multilateral arbitration panel here began final hearings Monday in a contentious and long-running dispute between an international mining company and the government of El Salvador. An Australian mining company, OceanaGold, is suing the Salvadoran government for refusing to grant it a gold-mining permit that has been pending for much of the past decade. El […]
  »  Salvadoran Farmers Stake Their Bets on Sustainable Development
     Peasant farmers from one of El Salvador?s most fragile coastal areas are implementing a model of sustainable economic growth that respects the environment and offers people education and security as keys to give the wetland region a boost. The Mangrove Association has been carrying out the plan in the southern part of the eastern department […]
  »  Mexico?s Cocopah People Refuse to Disappear
     In their language, Cocopah means ?river people?. For over 500 years the members of this Amerindian group have lived along the lower Colorado River and delta in the Mexican states of Baja California and Sonora and the U.S. state of Arizona. They fish and make crafts for a living, have strong family ties, and are […]
  »  Latin America?s Anti-drug Policies Feed on the Poor
     Poor young men, slumdwellers and single mothers are hurt the most by anti-drug policies in Latin America, according to representatives of governments, social organisations and multilateral bodies meeting at the Fifth Latin American Conference on Drug Policies. During the Sept. 3-4 conference held in San José, Costa Rica, activists, experts and decision-makers from throughout the […]
  »  Women ? the Pillar of the Social Struggle in Chile?s Patagonia Region
     In few places in Chile are women the pillars of community, grassroots rural and environmental movements as they are in the southern wilderness region of Patagonia. It is a social role that history forced them to assume in this remote part of the country. ?Patagonian women had to give birth without hospitals, they had to […]
  »  Mass Deportations Don?t Squelch Migration Dreams of Hondurans
     The clock marks 9 AM when a bus coming from the Mexican city of Tapachula reaches Corinto, on the border between Honduras and Guatemala. It is the first bus of the day, carrying children and their families sent back from a failed attempt at making it across the border into the United States. The bus […]
  »  Growing Calls for Reforms of El Salvador?s Privatised Pension System
     Two of the promises made 16 years ago when El Salvador?s pension system was privatised have failed to materialise: There was no expansion of social security coverage and no improvement in pensions. Now pressure is growing for a reform of the system. Although 20-year-old Kevin Alexis Cuéllar is one of the 2.7 million people enrolled […]
  »  The Age of Survival Migration
     ?Survival migration? is not a reality show, but an accurate description of human mobility fuelled by desperation and fear. How despairing are these migrant contingents? Look at the figures of Central American children travelling alone, which are growing. The painful journeys of children and teenagers from Central America to the United States border sounded alarms […]
  »  Mexico?s Wind Parks May Violate OECD Rules
     Four wind farm projects in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, operated or financed by European investors, could violate Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) rules, say activists. Three of the parks are being developed by Electricité de France (EDF) and the fourth is financed by public funds from Denmark and the Netherlands. Benjamin […]
  »  Brazil to Monitor Improvement of Water Quality in Latin America
     Problems in access to quality drinking water, supply shortages and inadequate sanitation are challenges facing development and the fight against poverty in Latin America. A new regional centre based in Brazil will monitor water to improve its management. One example of water management problems in the region is the biggest city in Latin America and […]
  »  Climate Policy Goes Hand-in-Hand with Water Policy
     Concerned that climate change could lead to an intensification of the global hydrological cycle, Caribbean stakeholders are working to ensure it is included in the region’s plans for Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). The basis of IWRM is that the many different uses of finite water resources are interdependent. High irrigation demands and polluted drainage […]
  »  Amid Crisis, Puerto Rico?s Retirees Face Uncertain Future
     A feeling of insecurity has overtaken broad sectors of Puerto Rican society as the economy worsens, public sector debt spirals out of control, and the island’s creditworthiness is put in doubt. To tackle this economic crisis, the administration of governor Alejandro Garcia-Padilla has adopted a number of measures that have been extremely unpopular with civil […]
  »  Threat of Hydropower Dams Still Looms in Chile?s Patagonia
     After its victory in a nearly decade-long struggle against HidroAysén, a project that would have built five large hydroelectric dams on wilderness rivers, Chile?s Patagonia region is gearing up for a new battle: blocking a quiet attempt to build a dam on the Cuervo River. The dam would be constructed in an unpopulated area near […]
  »  OPINION: Boosting Resilience in the Caribbean Countries
     Having lived and worked for more than a decade in four Caribbean countries, I have witnessed firsthand how Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are extremely vulnerable to challenges ranging from debt and unemployment to climate change and sea level rise. Such aspects make their paths towards sustainable development probably more complex than non-SIDS countries. That […]
  »  Breakthroughs and Hurdles in Colombia?s Peace Talks
     Three major advances were made over the last week in the peace talks that have been moving forward in Cuba for nearly two years between the Colombian government and the FARC guerrillas, while the decades-old civil war rages on. On Saturday Aug. 16, a group of relatives of victims of both sides met face-to-face in […]
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