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  »  To Fight Inequality, Latin America Needs Transparency?and More
     As public policy, political transparency and open data need an active ingredient to bring about social change that would reduce inequality in Latin America: citizen participation, said regional experts consulted by IPS. That is the link that ties together open data and the transformation of society and that democratises access to rights and opportunities, said […]
  »  Mexico?s Undead Rise Up
     Charlotte María Sáenz is a contributor to Foreign Policy In Focus. She teaches Global Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. A longer version of this piece originally appeared at Other Worlds.
  »  Inequality in Mexico Is All About Wages
     Sandra G. works Monday through Saturday in a beauty salon on the south side of Mexico City, where she earns slightly more than the minimum wage, which in this country is just five dollars a day. The 30-year-old, who studied cosmetology and asked that her last name not be published, does beauty treatments and sells […]
  »  Shale Oil Fuels Indigenous Conflict in Argentina
     The boom in unconventional fossil fuels has revived indigenous conflicts in southwest Argentina. Twenty-two Mapuche communities who live on top of Vaca Muerta, the geological formation where the reserves are located, complain that they were not consulted about the use of their ancestral lands, both ?above and below ground.? Albino Campo, ?logko? or chief of […]
  »  Will New Climate Treaty Be a Thriller, or Shaggy Dog Story?
     This December, 195 nations plus the European Union will meet in Lima for two weeks for the crucial U.N. Conference of the Parties on Climate Change, known as COP 20. The hope in Lima is to produce the first complete draft of a new global climate agreement. However, this is like writing a book with […]
  »  Latin America Moves Towards Decarbonising the Economy
     When the advances made towards curbing global warming are analysed in the first 12 days of December in Lima, during the 20th climate conference, Latin America will present some achievements, as well as the many challenges it faces in ?decarbonising development?. Experts consulted by IPS said that during the 20th session of the Conference of […]
  »  Legal Vacuum Fuels Conflicts Over Water in El Salvador
     Rural communities and social organisations in El Salvador agree that the lack of specific laws is one of the main hurdles to resolving disputes over water in the country. ?If the right to water was regulated in the constitution, we wouldn?t be caught up in this conflict,? David Díaz, a representative of the Asociación de […]
  »  A Fair Climate Treaty or None at All, Jamaica Warns
     As the clock counts down to the last major climate change meeting of the year, before countries must agree on a definitive new treaty in 2015, a senior United Nations official says members of the Alliance of Small Island Developing States (AOSIS) ?need to be innovative and think outside the box? if they hope to […]
  »  Massachussetts Schools Welcome New Students Who Fled Danger
     Pedro sought a safer life. He traveled to Somerville from Chalantenango, El Salvador on foot, by bus, car, and in the back of a tractor-trailer truck. Now he?s one of 60 new students from Central America who have enrolled in Somerville Public Schools after making it to the Texas border on their own or with […]
  »  More Economic Equality Brings Greater Political Polarisation in Brazil
     ?If I had to choose today I would stay back home, I wouldn?t come to look for work here,? said Josefa Gomes, who 30 years ago moved from Serra Redonda, a small town in Brazil?s semiarid northeast, to the city of Rio de Janeiro, 2,400 km away. She reached that conclusion as a result of […]
  »  Responding to Climate Change from the Grassroots Up
     As concern mounts over food security, two community groups are on a drive to mobilise average people across Antigua and Barbuda to mitigate and adapt in the wake of global climate change, which is affecting local weather patterns and by extension, agricultural production. ?I want at least 10,000 people in Antigua and Barbuda to join […]
  »  More Women Managers in Argentina, But They?re Still Doing the Chores
     In Argentina there are more and more women in management-level positions in the public and private sectors, although they still have to forge their way amidst gender stereotypes, while shouldering the double burden of home and work responsibilities. After earning a university degree, ML started her career as a telephone operator in a bank, working […]
  »  When Is a Corporate Media Group Too Powerful?
     A multi-million-dollar grant from a major media conglomerate to a communications school here has been hailed by some as a shining example of corporate philanthropy working to improve the quality of journalism. But others view it as a worrisome case of undue influence of media corporations on the formation of journalists. Last June GFR Media, […]
  »  El Salvador Restores Biodiversity in the Face of Climate Change
     Carlos Menjívar has been ferrying people in his boat for 20 years in this fishing village in western El Salvador surrounded by ocean, mangroves and wetlands, which is suffering the effects of environmental degradation. Siltation in the main channel leading to the town has hurt his income, because the buildup of sediment has reduced the […]
  »  Using Phytotechnology to Remedy Damage Caused by Mining
     Combating the negative effects of its own production processes is one of the challenges facing the mining industry, one of the pillars of the Chilean economy. Now, thanks to a novel scientific innovation project, mining, which is highly criticised by environmentalists, could become a sustainable industry, at least in some segments of its production processes. […]
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