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  »  Climate Neutrality ? the Lifeboat Launched by Lima
     Packed into stifling meeting rooms in the Peruvian capital, delegates from 195 countries are trying to find a path that would make it possible for the planet to reach climate neutrality in the second half of this century ? the only way to avoid irreversible damage, scientists warn. Climate neutrality is defined as no net […]
  »  ?Indigenous Peoples Are the Owners of the Land? Say Activists at COP20
     The clamor of indigenous peoples for recognition of their ancestral lands resounded among the delegates of 195 countries at the climate summit taking place in the Peruvian capital. ?I want my land?that?s where I live and eat, and it?s where my saintly grandparents lie,? Diana Ríos shouted with rage. The 21-year-old Asháninka woman is the […]
  »  Chilean Activists Change the Rules of the Game
     Sebastian Rosemont is a contributor to Foreign Policy In Focus. He recently graduated from McGill University with a degree in Latin American studies.
  »  Climate and Post-2015 Development Agenda Talks Share the Same Path
     The international community?s post-2015 development agenda will depend, in key aspects, on whether the delegates of 195 countries meeting now at the climate summit in the Peruvian capital reach an agreement to reduce global warming, since climate change affects all human activity. Climate change?s effects on agriculture, health, poverty reduction or housing among vulnerable segments […]
  »  Climate Finance Flowing, But for Many, the Well Remains Dry
     For more than 10 years, Mildred Crawford has been ?a voice in the wilderness? crying out on behalf of rural women in agriculture. Crawford, 50, who grew up in the small Jamaican community of Brown?s Hall in St. Catherine parish, was ?filled with enthusiasm? when she received an invitation from the World Farmers? Organisation (WFO) […]
  »  Native Villagers in Honduras Bet on Food Security ? and Win
     The town?s dynamic mayor, Sandro Martínez, assumed the commitment of turning the Honduran municipality of Victoria into a model of food and nutritional security and environmental protection by means of municipal public policies based on broad social and community participation and international development aid. The initiative began to be put into practice four months ago. […]
  »  Will Rollout of Green Technologies Get a Boost at Lima Climate Summit?
     The road towards a green economy is paved with both reward and risk, and policymakers must seek to balance these out if the transition to low-carbon energy sources is to succeed on the required scale, climate experts say. ?I think what is important is that in most of these processes you will have winners and […]
  »  The South Demands Clarity in Financing and Adaptation at COP20
     At the 12-day climate summit that began Monday in the Peruvian capital, representatives of 195 countries and hundreds of members of civil society are trying to agree on the key points of a new international treaty aimed at curbing global warming. The official delegations and the representatives of organised civil society in the developing South […]
  »  Only a Few Drops of Water at the Lima Climate Summit
     Although it is one of the victims of global warming, water will not be given a place of importance at the COP20 climate change conference to be held Dec. 1-12 in Lima, Peru. Climate change already threatens water supplies for agriculture due to the reduction in the availability of fresh water, which is expected to […]
  »  Indigenous Community Beats Drought and Malnutrition in Honduras
     In the heart of the Pijol mountains in the northern Honduran province of Yoro, the Tolupan indigenous community of Pueblo Nuevo has a lot to celebrate: famine is no longer a problem for them, and their youngest children were rescued from the grip of child malnutrition. The Tolupan indigenous people in Pueblo Nuevo are no […]
  »  Shale Oil Threatens the High Prices Enjoyed by OPEC
     Shale fever and the political chess among major oil producers and consumers have put OPEC in one of the most difficult junctures in its 54 years of history. ?OPEC was spoiled for several years by high prices of around 100 dollars a barrel,? Elie Habalián, a former Venezuelan OPEC (Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) […]
  »  Central American Civil Society Calls for Protection of Local Agriculture at COP20
     Worried about the effects of global warming on agriculture, water and food security in their communities, social organisations in Central America are demanding that their governments put a priority on these issues in the COP20 climate summit. In the months leading up to COP20 ? the 20th session of the Conference of the Parties to […]
  »  Gated Communities on the Water Aggravate Flooding in Argentina
     The construction of gated communities on wetlands and floodplains in Greater Buenos Aires has modified fragile ecosystems and water cycles and has aggravated flooding, especially in poor surrounding neighourhoods. In the 1990s a high-end property boom led to the construction of private neighbourhoods in vital ecosystems, and the emergence of barriers ? actual walls – […]
  »  OPINION: How Ebola Could End the Cuban Embargo
     Arturo Lopez-Levy is a visiting lecturer at Mills College, California and a PhD Candidate at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver.
  »  Lessons from Jamaica?s Billion-Dollar Drought
     As Jamaica struggles under the burden of an ongoing drought, experts say ensuring food security for the most vulnerable groups in society is becoming one of the leading challenges posed by climate change. ?The disparity between the very rich and the very poor in Jamaica means that persons living in poverty, persons living below the […]
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