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  »  Mexico?s Cocktail of Political and Narco-Violence and Poverty
     The images filled the front pages of Mexico?s newspapers: 61 half-dressed state policemen kneeling, with their hands tied, in the main square of the town of Tepatepec in the central state of Hidalgo, while local residents threatened to burn them alive. It was Feb. 19, 2000. The reason the townspeople were furious was the police […]
  »  Bamboo Could Be a Savior for Climate Change, Biodiversity
     Bamboo Avenue is a two-and-a-half mile stretch of road in Jamaica?s St. Elizabeth parish. It is lined with giant bamboo plants which tower above the road and cross in the middle to form a shady tunnel. The avenue was established in the 17th century by the owners of the Holland Estate to provide shade for […]
  »  Panama?s Coral Reefs Ringed with Threats
     Fermín Gómez, a 53-year-old Panamanian fisherman, pushes off in his boat, the ?Tres Hermanas,? every morning at 06:00 hours to fish in the waters off Taboga island. Five hours later he returns to shore. Skilfully he removes the heads and scales of his catch of sea bass, snapper, marlin and sawfish. He delivers the cleaned […]
  »  High-Tech, High Yields: Caribbean Farmers Reap Benefits of ICT
     Farmers in the Caribbean are being encouraged to make more use of farm apps and other forms of ICT in an effort to increase the knowledge available for making sound, profitable farming decisions. Peter Thompson of Jamaica?s Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) said Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology is being increasingly used to track ?localised […]
  »  Biodiversity, Climate Change Solutions Inextricably Linked
     The remarkable biodiversity of the countries of the Caribbean, already under stress from human impacts like land use, pollution, invasive species, and over-harvesting of commercially valuable species, now faces an additional threat from climate change. On the sidelines of the 12th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 12) […]
  »  Corruption, Tax Evasion Fuel Inequality in Latin America
     Corruption and tax evasion are flagrant violations of human rights in Latin America, where they contribute to inequality and injustice in the countries of the region, according to studies and experts consulted by IPS. ?Tax evasion means that those who are most vulnerable are denied the full enjoyment of their economic and social rights, including […]
  »  Uruguay?s Decision Could Come Too Late for Gitmo Detainees
     Uruguayan President José Mujica bought time for his plan to host six prisoners of Guantánamo, handing over the decision to the winner of the incoming elections. But time is a scarce resource for the inmates of this United States military prison on Cuban soil. The resettlement of a Palestinian, a Tunisian and four Syrian detainees […]
  »  Reducing Hunger: More Than Just Access to Food
     ?We want healthy food, we want to produce according to our traditions,? farmers and activists demanded during an international forum of experts on agriculture and the environment in this southern Italian city. It is not necessary to go far to find an illustration of the difficulties facing farmers in achieving that goal, Dario Natale told […]
  »  Acid Oceans Could Deal Heavy Blow to Fishing-Dependant Nations
     Scientists here are warning Caribbean countries, where the fisheries sector is an important source of livelihoods and sustenance, that they should pay close attention to a new international report released Wednesday on ocean acidification. The report, published by the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), coincides with the 12th meeting of the Conference […]
  »  Fracking Fractures Argentina?s Energy Development
     Unconventional oil and gas reserves in Vaca Muerta in southwest Argentina hold out the promise of energy self-sufficiency and development for the country. But the fracking technique used to extract this treasure from underground rocks could be used at a huge cost. The landscape begins to change when you get about 100 km from Neuquén, […]
  »  Hotter Caribbean Poses Challenges for Livestock Farmers
     Livestock farmers in the Caribbean are finding it increasingly difficult and expensive to rear healthy animals because of climate change, a situation that poses a significant threat to a region that is already too dependent on imports to feed its population. Norman Gibson, a livestock scientist with the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI), […]
  »  When Helping Hands Make a Disaster Worse
     Relief work done by emergency responders during natural disasters may inadvertently exacerbate problems caused by climate change and lead to further disasters, recent reports suggest. When heavy rains caused nearly 20 million dollars in losses in Diego Martin, western Trinidad, in 2012, emergency responders moved rapidly to provide relief to affected residents, some of whom […]
  »  Synthetic Biology Could Open a Whole New Can of Worms
     Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, is the world?s leading producer of vetiver. In the southwest of the country, vetiver production is hard to ignore. Driving into Les Cayes, the largest town in the south, one is greeted by fields of vetiver on either side of the road. The same is true if […]
  »  Financing for Biodiversity: A Simple Matter of Keeping Promises
     With governments, activists and scientists tearing their hair out over the world?s impending crisis in biodiversity, the outgoing president of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) delivered a simple message to participants at the 12th Conference of the Parties to the CBD (COP12) currently underway in the Republic of Korea?s northern Pyeongchang county: honour the promises […]
  »  Antigua Faces Climate Risks with Ambitious Renewables Target
     Ruth Spencer is a pioneer in the field of solar energy. She promotes renewable technologies to communities throughout her homeland of Antigua and Barbuda, playing a small but important part in helping the country achieve its goal of a 20-percent reduction in the use of fossil fuels by 2020. She also believes that small non-governmental […]
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