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  »  Nicaragua?s Future Canal a Threat to the Environment
     The new interoceanic canal being built in Nicaragua has brought good and bad news for the scientific community: new species and archeological sites have been found and knowledge of the local ecosystems has grown, but the project poses a huge threat to the environment. Preliminary reports by the British consulting firm Environmental Resources Management (ERM) […]
  »  Opinion: Cuba and the European Union ? The Thaw Begins
     In this column, Joaquín Roy, Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration and Director of the European Union Centre at the University of Miami, looks at the geopolitical context within which the normalisation of relations between the European Union and Cuba is likely to place following the recent visit to Cuba of the Representative for Foreign Affairs of the European Union, Federica Mogherini, and the scheduled visit of French President François Hollande in May.
  »  Q&A: ?Protect Your Biodiversity?
     Richard Huber is chief of the Sustainable Communities, Hazard Risk, and Climate Change Section of the Department of Sustainable Development of the Organisation of American States (OAS). Its objective? Foster resilient, more sustainable cities ? reducing, for example, consumption of water and energy ? while simultaneously improving the quality of life and the participation of the community. On […]
  »  Acting Tough to Earn Respect as Policewomen in Argentina
     When they joined the police, Marina Faustino and Silvia Miers were part of a small minority, and to make their way in a world of men they had to ?act tough.? Now, thanks to a gender equality policy, there are more and more policewomen in Argentina, fighting sexism and prejudice as well as crime. Faustino, […]
  »  Salvadoran Maquila Plants Use Gang Members to Break Unions
     Textile companies that make clothing for transnational brands in El Salvador are accused of forging alliances with gang members to make death threats against workers and break up their unions, according to employees who talked to IPS and to international organisations. Workers at maquila or maquiladora plants ? which import materials and equipment duty-free for […]
  »  Lip-Service But Little Action on U.N. Business and Human Rights Principles in Latin America
     ?I would tell institutions and companies that are aware of the enormous damage they do to the soil, plants and the environment, to respect the decisions of the people. They are attacking life and health,? complained Taurino Rincón, an indigenous Mexican. Rincón belongs to the Nahua people and is a member of the Indigenous Council […]
  »  Victims of Clerical Sex Abuse Join Forces in Latin America
     Victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests in Latin America are taking the first steps towards grouping together in order to bolster their search for justice ? a struggle where they have found a new ally: filmmaking. ?Besides entertaining us, movies urge people not to forget, to memorise what is happening to us as a […]
  »  Banana Workers? Strike Highlights Abuses by Corporations in Costa Rica
     A strike that has brought activity to a halt since January on three major banana plantations on Costa Rica?s southern Caribbean coast, along the border with Panama, has highlighted the abuses in a sector in the hands of transnational corporations and has forced the governments of both countries to intervene. More than 300 labourers, almost […]
  »  Caribbean Community Climate-Smarting Fisheries, But Slowly
     Caribbean nations have begun work on a plan to ?climate smart? the region’s fisheries as part of overall efforts to secure food supplies. The concept is in keeping with plans by the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) to improve the ?integration of agriculture and climate readiness? as the region prepares to deal […]
  »  Socioenvironmental Catastrophe Emerges from the Ashes of Patagonia?s Forests
     In the wake of the fire that destroyed more than 34,000 hectares of forests, some of them ancient, in Argentina?s southern Patagonia region, the authorities will have to put out flames that are no less serious: the new socio-environmental catastrophe that will emerge from the ashes. The worst forest fire in the history of the […]
  »  Women Often Forgotten In Cases Of Forced Disappearance
     Governments must do more to address the impacts of forced disappearances of women, according to an international justice report released Monday. Since 1980, the United Nations Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances has documented over 54,000 cases of such disappearances from all over the world. The International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ), in releasing […]
  »  More Fighter Jets in Nicaragua, Second-Poorest Country in the Americas
     Nicaragua, the second-poorest country in the Americas, is tapping into its depleted coffers to upgrade its ageing military fleet with costly new equipment from Russia ? a move that has sparked controversy at home and concern among the country?s Central American neighbours. The decision was officially confirmed Feb. 10 by the Nicaraguan army chief, General […]
  »  The Dilemma of Soy in Argentina
     Industrial soy production continues to expand in Argentina, pushing small farmers out of the countryside and replacing other crops and cattle. It presents a challenge in a country where 70 percent of the food consumed comes from family farms, but which also needs the foreign exchange brought in by what has been dubbed ?green gold?. […]
  »  Guatemala Praised for Policies on Adolescent Girls
     The government of Guatemala has been praised for a programme helping young women avoid unwanted pregnancies and finish their education. On the opening day of the Commission on the Status of Women at U.N. headquarters in New York on Monday, Guatemala was held up as an example of how governments can develop frameworks to protect […]
  »  Brazil ? from the Droughts of the Northeast to São Paulo?s Thirst
     Six million people in Brazil?s biggest city, São Paulo, may at some point find themselves without water. The February rains did not ward off the risk and could even aggravate it by postponing rationing measures which hydrologists have been demanding for the last six months. The threat is especially frightening for millions of people who […]
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