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  »  Human Development ? Latin America Less Than Halfway There
     Construction worker Leobardo Gómez has been out of work for nine months since he slipped and fell to the street on a construction site in the Mexican capital in October. ?I broke two ribs and I still can?t work,? the 44-year-old, who came to Mexico City from the southern state of Puebla, told IPS. ?The […]
  »  Antigua Weighs High Cost of Fossil Fuels
     Caught between its quest to grow the economy, create jobs and cut electricity costs, and the negative impacts associated with building an oil refinery, the Antigua and Barbuda government is looking to a mix of clean energy and fossil fuels to address its energy needs. Venezuela?s ambassador to Antigua, Carlos Perez, announced last week that […]
  »  U.S., Regional Leaders Convene over Migration Crisis
     As the presidents of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala prepare to meet with President Barack Obama Friday, more than 40 organisations issued a petition urging U.S. lawmakers to meet their ?moral and legal obligations? by providing emergency aid to Central American children and families. The petition, spearheaded by the Washington Office of Latin America (WOLA), […]
  »  BRICS ? The End of Western Dominance of the Global Financial and Economic Order
     In this column, Shyam Saran, former Indian Foreign Secretary and currently Chairman of India?s National Security Advisory Board, argues that the new financial institutions put in place by the BRICS countries at their recent summit in Brazil will alter the global financial landscape irreversibly.
  »  Spain: A Precarious Gateway to Europe for Syrian Refugees
     Little Samir covers his face with his hands as he plays under the orange tree in the centre of the inner courtyard of the Spanish Refugee Aid Commission (CEAR) centre in the southern city of Malaga. He is four years old and has spent nearly a year in Spain, where he arrived with his parents, […]
  »  Child Migrants ? A ?Torn Artery? in Central America
     The migration crisis involving thousands of Central American children detained in the United States represents the loss of a generation of young people fleeing poverty, violence and insecurity in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, the countries of the Northern Triangle of Central America where violence is rife. Some 200 experts and officials from several countries […]
  »  Caribbean Grapples with Intense New Cycles of Flooding and Drought
     As unpredictable weather patterns impact water availability and quality in St. Lucia, the Caribbean island is moving to build resilience to climate-related stresses in its water sector. Dr. Paulette Bynoe, a specialist in community-based disaster risk management, climate change adaptation policy and environmental management, says integrated water resource management is critical. ?We have been making […]
  »  As Winds of Change Blow, South America Builds Its House with BRICS
     While this week’s BRICS summit might have been off the radar of Western powers, the leaders of its five member countries launched a financial system to rival Bretton Woods institutions and held an unprecedented meeting with the governments of South America. The New Development Bank (NDB) and the Contingent Reserve Arrangement signal the will of […]
  »  BRICS Forges Ahead With Two New Power Drivers ? India and China
     The Sixth BRICS Summit which ended Wednesday in Fortaleza, Brazil, attracted more attention than any other such gathering in the alliance?s short history, and not just from its own members ? Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Two external groups defined by divergent interests closely watched proceedings: on the one hand, emerging economies and […]
  »  Russia Hoping Cuba Can Help Spur Trade with Latin America
     Amid deteriorating relations with the West, Russian President Vladimir Putin is looking to diversify a Russian economy that is tightly linked to European markets. Fittingly, an old Soviet-era satellite state seems eager to lend a helping hand. Emilio Lozada, Cuba?s ambassador to Russia, led a trade delegation in June to Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, […]
  »  North?s Policies Affecting South?s Economies
     In this column, Yilmaz Akyuz, chief economist of the South Centre in Geneva, argues that in recent years developing countries have lost steam as recovery in advanced economies has remained weak or absent due to the fading effect of counter-cyclical policies and the narrowing of policy space, and he recommends measures to reduce the external financial vulnerability of the South.
  »  Mexican Farmers Oppose Expansion of Transgenic Crops
     Bean grower Manuel Alvarado is part of the majority of producers in Mexico who consider it unnecessary to introduce genetically modified varieties of beans, as the government is promoting. ?There is no study showing superior yields compared with hybrid or regional seeds. People are still unaware of what transgenic products are, nor the effects they […]
  »  OPINION: The Caribbean: A Clean Energy Revolution on the Front Lines of Climate Change
     Lefties Food Stall, a pint-sized eatery serving Barbados? signature flying-fish sandwiches, recently became the first snack shack on the Caribbean island to be fitted with a solar panel. The nearby public shower facility sports a panel as well. So does the bus shelter across the street, the local police station, and scores of gaily coloured […]
  »  New BRICS Monetary Fund May Reproduce Inequalities
     The first common institutions to be set up by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa ? the BRICS ? are financial, and have arisen as a result of reforms to an international system that continues to largely ignore the growing influence of emerging countries. But the Contingency Reserve Arrangement (CRA), the BRICS countries? monetary […]
  »  Young Latin Americans Face Spiral of Unemployment, Poverty
     This is part of a series of special stories on world population and challenges to the Sustainable Development Goals on the occasion of World Population Day on July 11.
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