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  »  Opinion: Goals for Gender Equality Are Not a ?Wish List? ? They Are a ?To Do List?
     Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka is the executive director of UN Women
  »  Reporting on Violence in Mexico Brings Its Own Perils
     Organised criminals in Mexico are forcing the media to stop reporting on crime, by turning their violence against journalists. With the Mexican state offering journalists little protection, the resultant drop in freedom of information has contributed to a heightened sense of insecurity in the country. Claire San Filippo, head of Reporters Without Borders’ Americas desk, […]
  »  Rousseff?s Brazil ? No Country for the Landless
     In Brazil, one of the countries with the highest concentration of land ownership in the world, some 200,000 peasant farmers still have no plot of their own to farm ? a problem that the first administration of President Dilma Rousseff did little to resolve. In its assessment of the situation in the 2011-2014 period, the […]
  »  Families of ?Desaparecidos? Take Search into Their Own Hands
     Carlos Trujillo refuses to give up, after years of tirelessly searching hospitals, morgues, prisons, cemeteries and clandestine graves in Mexico, looking for his four missing brothers. The local shopkeeper has left no stone unturned and no clue unfollowed since his brothers Jesús, Raúl, Luís and Gustavo Trujillo vanished ? the first two on Aug. 28, […]
  »  Indigenous Storytelling in the Limelight
     In recent years, the Berlin International Film Festival, known as the Berlinale, has established a European hub for indigenous voices across a number of platforms, including its NATIVe ? A Journey into Indigenous Cinema series and Storytelling-Slams in which indigenous storytelling artists share their stories before opening the floor to contributions from the audience. This […]
  »  Falling Oil Prices Won?t Derail St. Lucia?s Push for Clean Energy
     At Plas Kassav, a roadside outlet in Canaries, a rural community in western St. Lucia, a busload of visitors from other Caribbean countries, along with tourists from North America and Europe, sample the 12 flavours of freshly baked cassava bread on sale. In the back of the shop, employees busily sift the grated cassava and […]
  »  Argentina Moves Towards Marriage of Convenience with China
     The government of Argentina is building a marriage of convenience with China, which some see as uneven and others see as an indispensable alliance for a new level of insertion in the global economy. The process forms part of a radical change with respect to Argentina?s diplomacy, which years back involved ties with the United […]
  »  Analysis: Economic Growth Is Not Enough
     Jessica Faieta is U.N. Assistant Secretary General and UNDP Director for Latin America and the Caribbean.
  »  OPINION: Can the Violence in Honduras Be Stopped?
     Lisa Haugaard is the executive director of the Latin America Working Group (LAWG). Sarah Kinosian is the lead researcher on Latin America at the Security Assistance Monitor (SAM) at the Center for International Policy, and William D. Hartung is a senior advisor to SAM. This article draws upon a new LAWG/CIP report, Honduras: A Government Failing to Protect Its People.
  »  Biogas Eases Women?s Household Burden in Rural Cuba
     On the blue flame of her biogas stove, it takes half as long for rural doctor Arianna Toledo to heat bath water and cook dinner as it did four years ago, when she still used electric power or firewood. The installation of a biodigester, which uses pig manure to produce biogas for use in cooking […]
  »  Chikungunya Thrives with Climate Variability in the Caribbean
     Jenny had gone to bed feeling well, but an hour into her sleep she suddenly awoke with a ?stiff, cramping pain? behind one knee. Within the next hour the pains had multiplied and both knees began to lock, followed by stiffened fingers and pains in her chest, along with a fever. Jenny Gittens, 61, described […]
  »  Everything You Wanted to Know About Climate Change
     So much information about climate change now abounds that it is hard to differentiate fact from fiction. Scientific reports appear alongside conspiracy theories, data is interspersed with drastic predictions about the future, and everywhere one turns, the bad news just seems to be getting worse. Corporate lobby groups urge governments not to act, while concerned […]
  »  U.N. Describes Forced Disappearances in Mexico as ?Generalised?
     ?The U.N. Committee on Enforced Disappearances is not a court, and I say this to avoid any misunderstanding,? German expert Rainer Huhle said while presenting the committee?s recommendations to the government of Mexico, where the problem has reached epidemic proportions. Huhle, one of the 10 members of the committee, explained how the language and rhythms […]
  »  Latin American Migrants Suffer Prejudice in Their Own Region
     In the movie ?A Day Without a Mexican?, the mysterious disappearance of all Mexicans brings the state of California to a halt. Would the same thing happen in some Latin American countries if immigrants from neighbouring countries, who suffer the same kind of discrimination, went missing? The response is that the situation is not comparable. […]
  »  Cuban Agriculture Needs Better Roads
     When it rains, trucks get stuck in the mud on the poor roads in this rural municipality in eastern Cuba. The local population needs more and better roads to improve their lives and help give a much-needed boost to the country?s farming industry. ?When the roads are fixed, living conditions and opportunities will be bolstered […]
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